ThinkSECURE offers both commercial and free software to private- and public-sector organizations and sometimes the general public. End-user support (which includes any certification, emails, instruction/training, phone-support, etc) is offered to commercial/paying customers only.

The current list of ThinkSECURE-designed, developed and maintained software is as follows :


ThinkSECURE's MoocherHunter™ is software that helps law enforcement, system administrators and other authorized persons identify and hunt down wireless moochers, hackers and other unauthorized persons in real-time. Its straightforward interface helps the user to geo-locate the perpetrator in any kind of urban or rural environment.

The MoocherHunter™ Law Enforcement Edition is a more capable commercial implementation that is only available to law enforcement agencies, which is designed to be operated in a more covert and discreet manner.

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ThinkSECURE's OSWA-Assistant™ is a self-contained, no Operating System required, standalone software toolkit which is solely focused on wireless auditing. As a result, in addition to the usual WiFi (802.11) auditing tools, it also covers Bluetooth and RFID auditing. Using the toolkit is as easy as popping it into your computer's CDROM and making your computer boot from it!

Technical professionals will easily be able to use the traditional menu-driven approach right off the bat as the arrangement of the menus is much more organized and logical than many other LiveCDs, as well as the presence of tools which don't just help with 802.11 (WiFi) auditing but also Bluetooth and RFID auditing as well.

Non-technical Home-owners and SOHO users are also catered to via the onboard ActivityMap™ help system.

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(Size: 25KB)

Current Version : 1.1
ThinkSECURE's Probemapper™ is a software tool which detects probe requests from 802.11-enabled laptops with wireless client profiles and displays their encryption and capability information.

Versions above 1.0 also use the Lorcon driver abstraction package for greater WNIC support (e.g. MADwifi-ng, prism54g, rt2500, etc). You can download the Lorcon version which is validated to work with Probemapper™ from here. Lorcon versions from other sites may not work.

Current version 1.1 is a major code mod that adds test-phase display, more detection profiles & client distance estimation (via observation of Pwr and Rate columns - the higher the figure, the closer the client, generally speaking).

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Note: For those who use Microsoft Internet Explorer, some versions of IE we tested try to act smart and save any file with a .tgz or .tar.gz or .tar.bz2 file extension as a .tar file. If this happens to you too, either rename the saved file to its correct file extension (look at the status bar when moving your mouse over the link) or use Firefox to download instead.


ThinkSECURE brings you G@meGe@r™ - the future of Cybersecurity Tournament/Competition gaming support software systems!

This state-of-the-art online scoring and support software system allows Cybersecurity Tournaments and Competitions to scale into the thousands. The only limit is your venue space!

First introduced to the world in June 2016 at the DSTA Cyber Defenders Discovery Camp in Singapore, G@meGe@r™ enables customers running Cybersecurity Tournaments and Competitions to automate and delegate the entire participant scoring and gameplay administration and frees up game-masters and event administrators to do more value-added work.

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ThinkSECURE's Static Analysis of IPA Files (STIF) tool is software which enables users to perform static analysis of IPA files. First released at All Bout Security 2013 conference in Singapore.

Please refer to the tool display as well as the tool license file for more information on how to use this tool.

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Android Whisperer

ThinkSECURE's own proprietary security-testing software for Android mobile phones. Currently only available to our own in-house penetration testers under our Services arm.

First publicly demo'ed at ISACA Governance Technology Audit, Control and Security Conference (GTACS) 2015 conference held at Marina Bay Sands on 3-6 March 2015.

Cantenna Calculator

Our online tool to help calculate the optimal placement of antenna element for a waveguide cantenna and cantenna dimensions.

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ThinkSECURE PocketPC Theme

(Size: 7KB)

A free display theme for Windows Mobile 2003 PocketPC users to use on their PocketPCs.

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