Established in January 2005 (ACRA Registration Number), THINKSECURE® PTE LTD (aka ThinkSECURE) is a R&D-driven, technical-heavy organization involved in the following lines of business :


Design, research & development and maintenance of customized cybersecurity-related software solutions such as MoocherHunter™, the OSWA-Assistant™, G@meGe@r™, and other internally-developed software.

ThinkSECURE's software have been used in different countries for different purposes, and have also been featured in various news articles, websites and even U.S. Court Cases such as :

  • United States v. Stanley ( see here and here )

  • United States v. Norris ( see here and here )

  • Used by the Indian Police as described here.

  • Featured in Darknet.

  • Showcased by Dragonjar in Colombia.

  • As covered in Hacking Exposed Linux (3rd Ed) by ISECOM, published by McGrawHill ( see Pages 255 and 274 ).

  • As covered in the 3rd Edition of the Penetration Tester's Open Source Toolkit by Jeremy Faircloth, published by Syngress ( see Page 16 ).

  • G@meGe@r™ used behind the scenes to run the DSTA Cyber Defenders Discovery Camp 2016, 2017 and 2018 ( past news about the CDDC here and here )

  • For a complete list of both commercial and free software that is available from us, please kindly visit to our SOFTWARE section.

    Cybersecurity Certification & Training

    ThinkSECURE also offers certification and training courses on how to use the various software solutions that we develop and offer, in addition to offering practical cybersecurity certification and training courses for technical practitioners who have the hands-on responsibility of securing their organizations' networks, systems and applications.

    The extremely-intensive, cross-industry focus of our technical courses make them extremely applicable to local and international private and public sector organizations across a wide range of industries and address the fundamental question: Who Trains The Cybersecurity Practitioners ?

    For a complete list of certification and training courses available from us, please kindly visit to our TRAINING & CERTIFICATION section.

    Cybersecurity Services & Projects

    Complementing our Software Design / R&D and Certification / Training departments, ThinkSECURE also undertakes various 100% vendor-neutral security-testing, incident-response and other IT-security-related projects. As a technical-focused organization, we DO NOT move third-party boxes or products as a reseller or distributor because we want to avoid any potential bias related to the carrying of specific third-party products. This makes our objectivity beyond reproach as we solutionize each Client based on each Client's uniquely individual needs. We seek to listen to you, the Client, first and understand your requirements in-depth, before recommending and implementing the solutions we feel are best suited for your organizational needs.

    For examples of declassified special projects that our R&D and Services teams have collaborated on, please kindly visit to our SERVICES section.

    ThinkSECURE - Security Starts Here

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