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What Is The Difference Between An Authorized Training Center (ATC) And An Educational Authorized Training Center (EATC)?

ATCs are commercial partners who offer our certification courses and exams to the general public. EATCs are Institutions of Higher Learning (IHLs) which only offer our certification courses and exams to those enrolled with them as formal full-time students.

Our EATC scheme is intended exclusively for selected, quality IHLs to equip their full-time enrolled students with the PRACTICAL skills necessary to make significant practical contributions to the cybersecurity posture of the organizations who hire them right out of school.

IHLs under our EATC scheme offer ThinkSECURE's practical hands-on courses with our cutting-edge practical hands-on examinations on top of their existing diploma/degree courses.
This ensures that only those full-time students who can actually apply knowledge and skill (and not just exam-cram) get an additional hands-on practical cybersecurity certification which makes them more valuable to an employer.

Think about it: if you can hire a graduate who has proven skill in applying what they have learnt to an unknown and difficult practical examination scenario (because their IHL adopted our technical hands-on cybersecurity certification courses with practical hands-on exams that we've designed to separate the contenders from the pretenders), then that graduate is someone who will start contributing to the employer from day 1.

The selected IHLs whom we appoint under our EATC scheme with recognize this and have partnered with us to ensure that they make their graduates as attractive as possible to employers, because those graduates who are ThinkSECURE-certified have already proven that they possess the practical skills and abilities necessary to tackle real-world technical cybersecurity issues.

To find out if there is an ATC or EATC available in your country, ATC/EATC course schedules for your country or ATC/EATC pricing for a particular course in your country, please click on the logo of the course on the left which you are interested in attending and select the red-colored "Pricing and Schedule In Your Country" submenu option that will appear. You can also click here.

If you are interested in becoming a ThinkSECURE ATC or EATC for your country, please contact us. Please note that, unlike others, we are very selective in appointing ATCs/EATCs and generally appoint only one ATC and/or EATC per country as our certifications and training courses have specific technical-delivery requirements and require ATCs and EATCs to possess excellent technical quality and standing to proctor the exams and deliver the courses.

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