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Organizational Systems Wireless Investigation & Law Enforcement Professional(tm)

Wireless Investigation Certification for Law Enforcement Officers


The Organizational Systems Wireless Investigation & Law Enforcement Professional™ (OSWILEP™) is a hands-on practical training & certification programme that is the investigative-and-law-enforcement-oriented counterpart to the auditor-oriented Organizational Systems Wireless Auditor® (OSWA™) technical wireless auditing and penetration-testing certification.

Wireless hackers and moochers thrive in today's wireless environment because many people do not secure their wireless networks. And of those that are secured, many are easily compromised through the use of advanced hacking techniques.

The intruder's objectives of breaking into and using a wireless network are many: free internet access, downloading objectionable or illegal material, illegal file-sharing, criminal acts, terrorist activities, etc...and law enforcement officials face a daunting task in determining who and where the real suspect is. Many criminals feel that by using someone elses' wireless network, they can avoid detection and prosecution. And they have mostly been right...until now.

This very intense 2-day hands-on certification course from ThinkSECURE is specially designed for law-enforcement field officers and investigative personnel who want to learn more about the various ways to conduct field investigation activities via wireless methods and techniques against non-cooperative suspects who are using wireless networks for questionable purposes. It teaches a vendor-neutral approach to field investigation of wireless suspects and provides attendees with the correct technical skillsets to be able to consistently perform field investigation of crimes involving wireless networks.

You will learn about the mindset of the wireless hacker/moocher and how they gain access to wireless networks. You will also obtain critical practical understanding of the characteristics of Radio Frequency (RF), the IEEE 802.11 protocol specification and how to analyze 802.11-based traffic. With this, you will be able to:

  • determine the characteristics of different types of wireless attacks

  • detect attackers in the process of gaining access

  • how to remotely profile which wireless networks the attacker has used previously

  • how to physically hunt an attacker down in real-time and catch him red-handed

The course culminates in a practical field exercise certification examination which replicates an actual crime scenario where attendees are required to employ all the knowledge learnt to profile and hunt down a criminal using a wireless network.

Attendees will also receive a CDROM copy of the OSWA-Assistant, ThinkSECURE's very own in-house-developed wireless auditing LiveCD toolkit which contains software for conducting field investigations involving 802.11-based networks such as ThinkSECURE's Probemapper™ and MoocherHunter software. The toolkit also contains additional bonus tools for auditing Bluetooth and RFID technologies. Attendees who have laptops capable of booting from a USB-based flashdisk may also create a LiveUSB version of the toolkit before attending the course by using their own flashdisks and following instructions available from the OSWA-Assistant website.

Attendees who manage to successfully pass the practical field exercise certification exam at the end of the course will be certified by ThinkSECURE as an Organizational Systems Wireless Investigation & Law Enforcement Professional which proves their ability to practically apply the knowledge learnt in the course towards the investigation and prosecution of a suspect using 802.11-based wireless networks.
In addition, for any Organizational Systems Wireless Investigation & Law Enforcement Professional™ who also successfully attains the separate wireless-pentesting-focused Organizational Systems Wireless Auditor® practical auditing certification, the certificate awarded under this standalone certification module confers the additional title of Organizational Systems Wireless Investigation & Law Enforcement Expert.

Who Can Benefit From This Programme:

Those who will benefit from this programme include the following:

  • IT Crime Investigators

  • Law Enforcement Field Investigation Teams

  • Detectives

  • Forensics Teams

and any law enforcement officer and/or individual who is tasked with the detection and prosecution of suspects engaged in illegal or questionable activities involving the use of and access to 802.11-based wireless networks.

Internationally Accredited By ThinkSECURE

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