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Organizational Systems Wireless Auditor(r)

Organizational Systems Wireless Auditor®
Wireless Auditing Certification


Since 2007, the Organizational Systems Wireless Auditor® (OSWA™) is an internationally-offered wireless auditing and pentesting certification that has been helping cybersecurity practitioners enhance their technical knowledge and skills of how to practically and technically conduct and execute wireless security audits & penetration tests against both wireless infrastructures and wireless clients.

You can take the Organizational Systems Wireless Auditor® certification exam alone, or attend the Organizational Systems Wireless Auditor® training course that prepares you to take the Organizational Systems Wireless Auditor® practical certification examination.

The Organizational Systems Wireless Auditor® training course component will give you a solid grounding in how to audit the security of wireless networks and clients.


Wireless auditing and security-testing certification exam;
Wireless auditing and security-testing certification preparation training course.

(Note : the practical certification exam can be taken separately without attending any corresponding training class)


  • Security-testers in general;

  • Those who are interested in developing skills in auditing and security-testing wireless networks and clients;

  • Those who have attained Organizational Systems Security Analyst™ certification and want to specialize in wireless auditing and security-testing.


5-day onsite learning class;
Separate 3-hour-long proctored practical certification exam (each class seat comes with 1 bundled attempt at the certification exam on the day following each class run).


Based on usage of the OSWA-Assistant, ThinkSECURE R&D's wireless auditing/penetration-testing software toolkit LiveCD, the Organizational Systems Wireless Auditor® training course focuses primarily on providing attendees with the technical knowledge, methodology and skills to execute a wireless audit/penetration test through the use of the OSWA-Assistant wireless auditing/penetration-testing software LiveCD toolkit. A valuable tool for helping IT-security professionals to audit 802.11, Bluetooth and RFID wireless technologies, it has been distributed by the Wall-of-Sheep group at previous DEFCON/Blackhat sessions.

The Organizational Systems Wireless Auditor® training course is designed by wireless security practitioners from the ground up to teach wireless network security-testing and auditing. Using ThinkSECURE's 5E Attacker Methodology™ as a framework, the programme covers topics such as Radio Frequency (RF) and RF Spectrum Analysis, 802.11 frame analysis, advanced wireless LAN penetration techniques, RFID security weaknesses, Probemapping and wireless client targeting and building/hacking wireless hardware. Attendees will also learn how to geographically isolate and hunt down wireless hackers, moochers and other unauthorized wireless users using ThinkSECURE's MoocherHunter tool, which is not authorized to be taught in any other non-ThinkSECURE-related certification training-course.

The Organizational Systems Wireless Auditor® training course augments and improves the skills and capabilities of IT-Security professionals by equipping them with the relevant technical skills and an understanding of ethical and legal issues involved in wireless auditing. Attendees who meet the technical pre-requisites for the course should come away with the following:

  • A comprehensive understanding of the nature of Radio Frequency (RF)

  • Technical knowledge of 802.11, Bluetooth & RFID security issues

  • Ability to detect and identify the presence and security characteristics of wireless networks

  • Knowing what pre-wireless-audit hardware, software, legal and procedural preparation is required

  • Advanced technical skills and ability in performing wireless security audits

  • Thorough knowledge of how to isolate and geographically track down wireless hackers and moochers

  • Ability to build and hack your own wireless hardware

  • Ability to recommend wireless security countermeasures

Since its launch in 2007, the Organizational Systems Wireless Auditor® practical hands-on certification examination format ensures that anyone who can attain the Organizational Systems Wireless Auditor® certification has proven that they have true practical skill and ability to apply knowledge to wireless penetration-testing situations.

With its wide variety of practical classroom labwork and a hands-on, practical certification exam, the Organizational Systems Wireless Auditor® wireless auditing and penetration-testing certification exam and training course are ideal complements to the defence-oriented OSWiSP™ secure wireless deployment and administration certification exam and training course.

Internationally Accredited By ThinkSECURE Pte Ltd

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