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Organizational Systems Security Analyst(tm)

Organizational Systems Security Analyst
Enterprise Security Certification


Since 2006, the Organizational Systems Security Analyst™ (OSSA™) is an international practical and technical IT-Security certification that has been helping various organizations turn IT-professionals into cybersecurity practitioners and assisting them how to practically secure enterprise apps, systems & networks at a technical level.

You can take the Organizational Systems Security Analyst™ certification exam alone, or attend the Organizational Systems Security Analyst™ training course that prepares you to take the Organizational Systems Security Analyst™ practical certification examination.

The Organizational Systems Security Analyst™ training course component is intended for those who either want to become or who want to improve as a cybersecurity practitioner, or who want to better prepare before taking the Organizational Systems Security Analyst™ certification exam.
The focus is mainly on teaching a problem-solving and self-solutionizing mentality, even where the problem has never been encountered before.
Together with the various technical cybersecurity-related tools and techniques are covered in the practical hands-on exercises throughout the course, the intention is to help attendees become better at addressing issues they would encounter in their daily job as a cybersecurity practitioner.


Enterprise-security certification exam;
Enterprise-security certification preparation training course.

(Note : the practical certification exam can be taken separately without attending any corresponding training class)


  • Those who are responsible for the security and defense of their organization's infrastructure (networks, systems, apps);

  • Experienced general-IT-practitioners who are moving into a technical cybersecurity-practitioner role;

  • Those who are interested in further developing a technical practitioner-level career in cybersecurity;

  • Those who have completed attending the Real-World Security Primer training course;

  • Those who want to get better-prepared for practical cybersecurity-related certification exams.


5-day hybrid-learning class;
Separate 4-hour-long proctored practical certification exam (each class seat comes with 1 bundled attempt at the certification exam on the day following each class run).


With its balanced approach to the use of both ThinkSECURE-proprietary and Open-Source-based methodologies and software tools to achieve the objective of network-level, application-level and system-level security for organizations, the vendor-neutral Organizational Systems Security Analyst™ certification training course component teaches a wide-ranging and vendor-independent approach to real-world planning, operational and legal issues surrounding cybersecurity which both profit and non-profit organizations will encounter.

The practical 5-day, hands-on security certification course is geared at equipping participants with the knowledge and practical technical skills necessary to secure their organizations from both internal and external threats, as well as understanding the impact of law on cybersecurity activities within an organization.

The Organizational Systems Security Analyst™ first looks at cybersecurity from a methodological perspective and draws lessons from Sun Tzu's "Art of War", introducing the practicalities of cybersecurity. Once the framework is established, the various components of defence, attack, incident-response/computer-forensics are then introduced and slotted into the various parts of the framework, including the various practical exercises involving both Open-Source-based and ThinkSECURE-proprietary software tools.

The aim is not to focus on tools alone but more about the category of usefulness that the software tool falls into so that the course attendees can select, on their own, whatever "best-of-breed" software is out there for the task at hand.

Taught only by certified and accredited trainers, the Organizational Systems Security Analyst™ is divided into the following modules (please refer to the course brochure for more details) :

  • The 8-Step Security Gameplan™

  • The SOB Troika

  • Networking Protocols From A Security Viewpoint

  • Defending Your Turf: This LANd is Mine

  • Building A Secure Enterprise Network

  • Defensive Tools & System Lockdown

  • The 5E Attacker Methodology™ : Attacker Methods & Exploits

  • Wireless Insecurity

  • Incident Response

  • System Forensics and Investigation

  • The Impact of Law

As you can clearly see, the OSSA is NOT a pentesting-only certification / course and thus should not be compared as such to other pentesting-only certifications or courses; It is an overall enterprise-security certification and course that also covers defensive technologies, incident-response and the impact of cybersecurity law in a day-to-day operational setting.

Since its launch in 2006, the Organizational Systems Security Analyst™ has been using a practical hands-on certification exam which stops pretenders from bluffing or guessing their way to certification through exam-cramming. The Organizational Systems Security Analyst™'s practical lab-based examination benefits employers and technical professionals alike by practically validating the skills of certification candidates and protecting the investment made by individuals and their organizations in getting certified.

The importance of a lab-based certification examination cannot be overstated - our practical lab-based examinations, where the attendee must apply the methodology learnt during training and perform actual practical actions to obtain the result, enable employers to verify the true skill and capability of a certification candidate.

Internationally Accredited By ThinkSECURE Pte Ltd

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