BEST IT Security and Auditing Softwares 2007 - Best in Wireless Testing Category


The OSWA™-Assistant is a free no-Operating-System-required standalone toolkit which is solely focused on wireless auditing. As a result, in addition to the usual WiFi (802.11) auditing tools, it also covers Bluetooth and RFID auditing. Using the toolkit is as easy as popping it into your computer's CDROM and making your computer boot from it!

Technical professionals will easily be able to use the traditional menu-driven approach right off the bat as the arrangement of the menus is much more organized and logical than many other LiveCDs in 2008, as well as the presence of tools which don't just help with 802.11 (WiFi) auditing but also Bluetooth and RFID auditing as well.

Non-technical Home-owners and SOHO users are also catered to via the ActivityMap™ help system. Via a web interface, the ActivityMap™ helps non-technical or non-IT-security professionals to conduct basic security testing of their own wireless networks in a methodical and consistent manner. Using ThinkSECURE's 5E Attacker Methodology™ as a framework, the ActivityMap™ guides the user through the process of determining and proving if his/her network is secure or not.

By providing the ActivityMap™, we hope to help end-users by providing them with a means to audit and prove if their networks are vulnerable and thus take the appropriate countermeasures to reduce their vulnerability exposure. By empowering the man-on-the-street to secure his/her own wireless network, our intention is that there will be less vulnerable networks around for evil-intentioned people to take advantage of, thus raising the overall national wireless security defence posture.


As of the current version on our website, the following wireless tools are installed:

802.11 & Associated Tools

  • Afrag
  • Aircrack-ng
  • Airfart
  • Airpwn
  • Airsnort
  • Airsnarf
  • Airtraf
  • AP-Hopper
  • AP-Radar
  • AP-Utils
  • Asleap
  • ChopChop
  • CoWPAtty
  • EapMD5pass
  • FakeAP
  • Freeradius Pwnage Edition
  • HostAPD
  • Hotspotter
  • Karma
  • Kismet
  • Leapcracker
  • MDK3
  • MoocherHunter
  • Probemapper
  • Pyrawcovert
  • Rcovert
  • Ska
  • SSIDsniff
  • SSLstrip
  • Wardrive
  • Wavemon
  • WEPlab
  • WEP0ff
  • Wi-Find
  • Wi-Spy Tools
  • WifiTap
  • WifiZoo
  • WPA-attack
  • WPA Buddy
  • WPA Supplicant
  • Wireless Extensions & Wireless Tools package (iwconfig/iwpriv, etc)
  • Zulu
Bluetooth Tools
  • Bluebugger
  • Bluediving Suite
  • Bluemaho Suite (lite)
  • Blueper
  • Blueprint
  • Bluescanner
  • Bluesmash
  • Bluesnarfer
  • Bluesquirrel Suite
  • BT-Audit
  • Btfs
  • Btscanner
  • Carwhisperer
  • Ghettotooth
  • Obexpush-dos
  • HIDattack
  • Redfang
  • Spooftooph
  • T-Bear
  • Ussp-push
  • Vcardblaster
  • Bluez Bluetooth package with hcitool/hciconfig
RFID Tools
  • Rfdump
  • RFIDiot
  • Rfidtool
  • Macchanger
  • Metasploit Framework
  • SET
  • Wireshark

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