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Download current release LIVECD ISO Image

View current release LIVECD ISO Image MD5 hash
(right-click and "save-as" to save the hash to your hard-drive)

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We recommend that you use a download accelerator to parallelize your download. Otherwise you'll have to wait awhile for the browser download to complete because the file is around 700MB in size.

After downloading the images from the links above, you can use any CDROM-image-burning software to write the LiveCD image to a standard 700MB/80min CDROM. Please see the FAQ for more information.

Creating a LiveUSB Installation From The LiveCD ISO Image

You can also create a LiveUSB installation while inside Windows using the LiveCD image. You will need a formattable single-partitioned USB flashdisk which is at least as big as the LiveCD ISO image and your computer must also support booting from USB flashdisk.

The instructions and creation scripts used to be available at "" but it appears to have beeen removed. You can still view a PDF'ed backup of the instructions here and a backup copy of the creation scripts here (substitute the references to "Knoppix" with "OSWA-Assistant").
(Important Note: You should always run an anti-virus/anti-malware scan against any software downloaded from the internet - this includes this 3rd-party script which is backed up here solely for your convenience. We are not responsible for any damage caused by your use of this 3rd-party script)

While we will be updating the contents of the toolkit as necessary, we also welcome constructive suggestions and feedback on how to improve this free toolkit to benefit the community, as well as any report about what other hardware you have found to work with the toolkit. Please email us at: assistant-feedback [-at-]

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