Air Raid: (noun) An attack by military aircraft, especially when armed with bombs and rockets; an attack by armed planes on a ground or surface target.

Air Raid: (security) Penetration of organizational and personal wireless airspace by attackers with malicious intent.*

Friday, August 19th 2005
1200hrs - 1730hrs
Suntec International Convention & Exhibition Centre
Hall 306, 3rd Floor @PACE2005
Republic of Singapore

Saturday, August 20th 2005
1000hrs - 1630hrs
Suntec International Convention & Exhibition Centre
Hall 306, 3rd Floor @PACE2005
Republic of Singapore

Tournament Description

Wireless networks using 802.11 and Bluetooth have become common deployments in today’s corporate environments.

To underscore the importance of securing these newer types of networks on top of traditional wired networks, ThinkSECURE (, whose founders Christopher Low and Julian Ho designed and implemented BlackOPS for PACE2004, have put together AIRRAID**, a first-of-its-kind-in-Asia, if not the world, wireless hacking tournament***, to provide security professionals and grayhats alike with a real-world wireless penetration contest.

Though this 2-phase, protected-systems-penetration game’s key focus is on wireless (specifically 802.11 & Bluetooth) security, it also highlights the risks posed by a security-conscious organization's partners who do not implement equivalent security on their part or do not synchronize their security policies with each other.

The target infrastructure for this contest is a purpose-built, non-internet-connected network which has been setup exclusively for this event (it is illegal in Singapore to hack other peoples' wireless networks so don't even think about it! :) ). Judges will score the teams on the basis of time and difficulty. The faster they can conduct a successful penetration against this target infrastructure, the more points they score. Once they have breached the perimeter, the degree of difficulty in obtaining information from the various locations in the internal target network will also provide point variation.

Participants will be required to think-outside-the-box in order to successfully accomplish the initial network penetration and consequent information theft. Shortlisted participants will be advised to read the ground rules and gameplay CAREFULLY as anything not forbidden by either of them will be allowed. *hint hint*

This first-of-a-kind event format in Asia, if not the world, is the showcase event for practical wireless security and the push to make many organizations understand that practical wireless security is more than just access-point-reliant, not to mention highlighting the need to protect information on Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Date and Venue

THe event will be held in Singapore at PACE2005 and the tournament will be held on :

Contenders to be on-site by 0930hrs while the VIP gives his keynote, does his tour and the press take their shots. Tournament starts 1200hrs proper.

There are quite a number of hotels around the area, from budget ones a mere 15 minutes away along Bencoolen Street like the Strand or Bencoolen to the ritzy 5-stars right next to SICEC (Ritz-Carlton and Marina Mandarin just to name two of them).

There will be an OpenHack version of the event on the next day, Saturday, 20th August 2005.
For those who do not want to compete officially, yet want to try their hand at cracking wireless and VPN networks, this second day is for you.

Just come down and register at the Registration Counter at Suntec Hall 306 on the Saturday itself.
The OpenHack itself will be run from 10am to 4:30pm.

Unsuccessful registrants for the main event will be able to participate in the OpenHack this way. Do note that there are no prizes up for grabs at the OpenHack - it's just a chance for you to legally do a spot of wireless and VPN-hacking. :)

Tournament Prizes

Gee, you mean fame, being featured in the media and bragging rights aren't enough for you? :)

Well, here's what each team stands to win:




Participant Eligibility

This event is open to any team that is willing to make the trip down to Singapore this coming August 2005 for the contest.

While there is no fee charged for participating in the event, participants will unfortunately have to pay their own transport, accommodation and meal expenses. There will be no reimbursement for any expenses incurred in getting down here. On the flip side, we do expect a large media turnout so you could become famous (or notorious) in SouthEast Asia... :)

Participant Requirements

Participants need to bring their own laptops and wireless client adapters, as well as a CAT5 cable and (optional but recommended) a VPN client.

Participants will also be required to go through the typical formalities, i.e. sign an indemnity form stating that they will be responsible for their own actions during the event and a liability waiver absolving the organizers from any damage that may occur to participant's equipment (you guys are security pros so you should know how to defend your own stuff :) ).

There will be an on-site pre-game briefing & rules familiarization session the day before the event. You need to turn up for this one and signed the forms or they won't allow you in on game day.

(or "So How Much Does It Cost To Participate?")

Team registration (max of 2 per team) is FREE !

Registration starts: 16th May 2005 @ 0000hrs SGT

Registration ends: 31st July 2005 @ 1200hrs SGT


For the OPENHACK registrants, just turn up on the 20th at 10am for the scenario briefing.***

Registration Closed

Ground Rules and GamePlay details will be made known only to all shortlisted, re-confirmed registrants who attend the pre-game briefing.

“Your Airspace Isn’t Private Anymore.”

* The AIRRAID ("Event") logo, Event definition, Event design, Event setup, Event technical details, Event expressions & Event concepts mentioned on this page are the Intellectual Property of ThinkSECURE Pte Ltd and may not be communicated, reproduced, stored, transmitted or broadcast in any medium or to any party, nor claimed by any party as their own nor claimed by any party as having been technical advisors to, without the express written consent of ThinkSECURE Pte Ltd.

** Note: contrary to some news reports, the AIRRAID Tournament and the gameplay design thereof is SOLELY conceived, designed, planned and executed by ThinkSECURE Pte Ltd without the advice or technical involvement of any third party. Any third party which claims to "lend expertise in providing advice on the game play" or issue any such claim indicating any consultancy or advisory role in our development of our tournament gameplay design or concept is issuing a misrepresentation and we reserve the right to take legal action against any party that makes or issues such claims.

*** Note: this is NOT your typical "war-driving-see-how-many-APs-you-can- pickup-within-a-geographical-radius-in-5-hrs" format. This is an ACTUAL WIRELESS HACKING CONTEST against a PURPOSE-BUILT MULTIPLE NETWORK AND SERVER INFRASTRUCTURE just like you would find IN REAL WORLD ORGANIZATIONS!

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