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From time to time, ThinkSECURE makes various presentations and items available for free public downloading. We hope you enjoy what we have put on tap below.

Sample Tools & Vulnerabilities


(Size: 25KB)

Current Version : 1.1

ThinkSECURE's Probemapper is a tool which detects probe requests from 802.11-enabled laptops with wireless client profiles and displays their encryption and capability information.

Versions above 1.0 also use the Lorcon driver abstraction package for greater WNIC support (e.g. MADwifi-ng, prism54g, rt2500, etc). You can download the Lorcon version which is validated to work with Probemapper from here. Lorcon versions from other sites may not work.

Current version 1.1 is a major code mod that adds test-phase display, more detection profiles & client distance estimation (via observation of Pwr and Rate columns - the higher the figure, the closer the client, generally speaking).

Note: For those who use Microsoft Internet Explorer, some versions of IE 6 we tested try to act smart and save any file with a .tgz or .tar.gz or .tar.bz2 file extension as a .tar file. If this happens to you too, either rename the saved file to its correct file extension (look at the status bar when moving your mouse over the link) or use Firefox to download instead.


ThinkSECURE's MoocherHunter™ is a tool for helping law enforcement, system administrators and other authorized persons identify and hunt down wireless moochers, hackers and other unauthorized persons in real-time. Its straightforward interface helps the user to geo-locate the perpertrator in any kind of urban or rural environment. Click on the link to the left to check it out!


ThinkSECURE's OSWA-Assistant™ is a self-contained, no Operating System required, freely downloadable, standalone toolkit which is solely focused on wireless auditing. As a result, in addition to the usual WiFi (802.11) auditing tools, it also covers Bluetooth and RFID auditing. Using the toolkit is as easy as popping it into your computer's CDROM and making your computer boot from it!

Technical professionals will easily be able to use the traditional menu-driven approach right off the bat as the arrangement of the menus is much more organized and logical than many other LiveCDs, as well as the presence of tools which don't just help with 802.11 (WiFi) auditing but also Bluetooth and RFID auditing as well. Non-technical Home-owners and SOHO users are also catered to via the onboard ActivityMap™ help system. Check it out!

Static Analysis of IPA Files (STIF) tool

ThinkSECURE's STIF is a tool which enables users to perform static analysis of IPA files.

Please refer to the tool display as well as the tool license file for more information on how to use this tool.

WEP-Client- Communication- Dumbdown (WCCD) vulnerability

(first disclosed 16 Jan 2006)

ThinkSECURE has discovered that certain well-known wireless chipsets using vulnerable drivers under the Windows XP operating system and when configured to use WEP with Open Authentication , can be tricked by a 802.11-based wireless client adapter operating in master mode ("the attacker") to discard the WEP settings and negotiate a post-association conection with the attacker in the clear. Read More Here

Cantenna Calculator

An online tool to help calculate the optimal placement of antenna element for a waveguide cantenna and cantenna dimensions.

ThinkSECURE PocketPC Theme

(Size: 7KB)

A free display theme for Windows Mobile 2003 PocketPC users to use on their PocketPCs.

Sample Presentations

"Today's Web Attacks - How That Impacts Your Online Social Life"

First Delivered:
9 Jun 14

This presentation looks at some of the more recent and stealthy web attacks which target "Generation Z" (or any user of such social media) while they are online and illustrates how some of these attacks are engineered and the impact they have on a person's online social life. For web application developers, understanding such types of attacks will help them code better to mitigate such attacks.

"Mobile Apps - Prying Open Their Guts"

First Delivered:
3 Oct 13

This presentation looks at how to take apart and perform penetration-testing against mobile applications.

"Mobile Applications - Discerning The Good From The Evil"

First Delivered:
13 Mar 13

This presentation looks at what evil acts a malicious mobile application can do and how one can verify that a mobile application is actually doing what it claims to be doing.

See also the downloadable STIF tool above.

"Intranet Invasion - Exploiting Web Browsers To Harvest Confidential Info"

First Delivered:
11 Sep 11

Presentation on next-generation clickjacking attacks demo'ed at the Attacks & Vulnerabilities Track at the 20th GovernmentWare conference in Singapore in 2011


First Delivered:
30 Sep 10

Presentation & demo on breaking into passcode-locked iPhones without alerting the user (updated with follow-on "Spykit" video!); Mobile Security Track at Govware 2010

"The Abbreviated Art & Science of Hunting Wireless Hackers"

First Delivered:
5 Mar 10

Short 30-minute presentation at Temasek Polytechnic outlining how an individual or organization can hunt down unauthorized wireless users.

"Stealing Data From Browsers"

First Delivered:
6 Aug 09

A presentation + demo on web browser security and a demo showing the theft of web-based credentials using an ARP-poisoning + SSLstrip combo.

"Web Habits & Hacker Defence"

First Delivered:
28 Jul 08

A presentation & demo covering security issues arising from common habits of web users. A practical demo on defeating 2FA (2-Factor-Authentication) was shown (just not shown in these handouts).

"Updated General Introduction to the OSWA-Assistant"

Updated presentation & demos introducing the OSWA-Assistant to IT and IT Security Professionals.

"OSWA-Assistant Introduction for IDA"

First Delivered:
31 Aug 07

A 3-hour presentation & demo introducing the OSWA-Assistant for an IDA audience. Exercises and demos were incorporated into actual run (just not shown in these handouts).

"Torified DNS Snooping"

"Ghost In The Machine:
A Tale of Exploitation & Embedding"

First Delivered:
29 Mar 07

In the first part of our presentation, we combine "DNS Snooping" with the TOR (The Orion Router) project to overcome some of the shortcomings of the original "DNS Snooping" technique to present a new perspective to targeted reconnaissance (i.e. how it can be used to track web surfing habits, email communications and various other online habits of online users).

The second part of the presentation continues the story of how an attacker, after profiling and completing Exploration (reconnaissance) on his intended target, attempts to exploit and embed himself into the victim's machine despite the user having a firewall to protect himself. This part is mainly a live demo.

"Wireless Client Attacks: Probemapping"

Learn more about probemapper, a tool which helps enumerates wireless client profiles for the purposes of wireless client security auditing, as well as the WCCD Vulnerability.

Note: the presentation will only be uploaded on the week of 30 Jan 2006 in order to give affected vendors more time to issue patches. Until then, the download link is not valid.

Malware - Getting Your Hands Dirty

(Size: 426KB)

Go beyond Anti-Virus software & learn which Windows OS locations Malware infects and how to get rid of 0-day Malware and Malware which blocks installation and operation of AV software...without having to re-install Windows!

Building a WiFi Cantenna

(Size: 15MB !)

Original version presented in August 2005 @ AIRRAID Wireless Security Tournament; this abbreviated download slightly modified with AIRRAID picture addition. (Warning: 15MB size!)

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