BEST IT Security and Auditing Softwares 2007 - Best in Wireless Testing Category

Version History

  • First internal beta-development version generated 4 April 07.

  • Public edition first launched 8 Aug 07 in Singapore at Capital Tower Lvl 9.

  • Version released 20 May 08; updated existing and added new IEEE80211 drivers based on new cards found in S.E.Asia retail shelves and added new tools, including MoocherHunter.

  • Version released 5 June 08; swapped Ralink drivers from ASPj to Serialmonkey CVS for MoocherHunter™ compatibility reasons.

  • Version released 25 June 08; Added support for Realtek RTL8187 chipset (finally managed to find & buy a Realtek RTL8187-based card to test!); Added version 0.6.8 of MoocherHunter™ with more functionality, accuracy and bugfixes.

  • Version released 8 Aug 08; WOS Release! (greetings to Cedoxx & the WOS Team) - added new MoocherHunter™ tool for hunting wifi users!; version with performance enhancement patch; downgrade of MADwifi-ng drivers from erratic 0.9.4 to more stable due to random CPU soft lockups caused by the MADwifi-ng driver code when switching to master-mode operation (and in particular when setting channels under master-mode).

  • Version released 15 May 09; Minor bugfix release only for graphics issues (some LCDs could not support the default setting of > 60MHz and could not display the GUI - go figure!).

  • Version released 5 Aug 09; Updated/added additional WiFi/Bluetooth tools, Adam Laurie's most excellent RFIDiot package and HD Moore's always awesome Metasploit Framework (thanks, guys!).

  • Version released 6 Dec 09; Maintenance release - added in new versions of some tools (e.g. Aircrack-ng suite, MDK, Probemapper, etc) and driver revisions; Also added in new scripts to make configuration easier - pls see the "Setup Your Machine First" menu item.

  • Version released 7 Mar 10; New driver additions for the common RT2870 chipset (supports injection!) as well as RT2860 & RT3070 (normal managed, adhoc only); Also added in the SET toolkit and updated some other tools, e.g. wireshark.

  • Current public edition version is: released 6 Aug 10
    Changelog: WOS RELEASE! (greetings again to Cedoxx & the WOS Team); Added some nifty Bluetooth tools from Ronin's site (Thanks Ronin! Sorry for the massive work-induced delay but we finally got round to it :) ); Updates to Wireshark, Aircrack-ng & FreeRADIUS PE; Updated Madwifi-ng to use madwifi-hal- which has AR5007 + newer AR chipsets support.

While we will be updating the contents of the toolkit as necessary, we also welcome constructive suggestions and feedback on how to improve this free toolkit to benefit the community, as well as any report about what other hardware you have found to work with the toolkit. Please email us at: assistant-feedback [-at-]

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