The First Prize
The First Prize, courtesy of Compex Singapore, Canary Wireless LLC and Computer Associates Singapore
Scoring DisplayBehold The Mighty Scoring Display!
All Yield To The Truth!
The Brains Behind It All
ThinkSECURE Co-Founders Christopher Low & Julian Ho, together with Assistant GameMaster Meng Keong, on the eve of the Tourney
The Targets...The Targets...
...getting covered up.
...getting covered up
Prize Sponsors
Heavy Wireless Action On The Floor
Wireless Action
Pressure CookerPressure cooker...
Team ConferenceTeam Conference
A multi-threaded machine
Wonder what they're doing...?
I wonder what they're doing over there....
Can we call a time-out....?
Uhhh, what do i do now?Uhhh, what do I do now?
Hacker Row
H4ck3r R0w
Here d00d
There, d00d !!
This is taking forever...
Too slow...
Engaging a Kamikaze Challenge
Engaging a Kamikaze Challenge
Engaging a Kamikaze Challenge
Julian illustrating how to build a Cantenna
Building a Cantenna

Building a Cantenna
ThinkSECURE Cantenna Lucky Draw Winner
Team Leo
3rd Place: TEAM LEO from KL, Malaysia

Team Leo's Prize
Daniel & Kah Hoe of Team Leo being presented their prize by ThinkSECURE CTO, Christopher Low
Team Rafael Python 5
2nd Place: TEAM RAFAEL PYTHON 5 from Singapore

Team Rafael's Prize
Chris presenting 2nd place prize to JF of Team Rafael Python 5
(Teammate Snooq had to leave early)
Team Zero Hour
AIRRAID Tournament Champions, winning at the very last minute: The aptly named
TEAM ZERO HOUR from Brunei

Team Zero Hour's Prize
Brunei win again for the 2nd year running!

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