Mission Statement

To provide superior, practical IT-Security training and certification programmes for technical IT professionals so as to equip them with the knowledge and skills necessary for the supporting of organizational objectives, and to to provide practical and cost-effective security solutions which maximize our Clients' security posture.

Corporate Philosophy

We at ThinkSECURE believe in only using practical hands-on methods of assessing and testing candidates who sit for our technical certification exams and we believe in only doing practical hands-on training with practical lab exercises for attendees who attend our technical certification courses.

For our security-testing and consultancy services, we seek to listen to YOU, the Client, first and understand YOUR requirements in-depth, before recommending and implementing the security solution(s) we feel is/are best suited for your organizational needs.

We will never push a product just to make money at your expense, nor recommend a product just because it is more expensive. Our goals are cost-effectiveness of the proposed security solution for our Clients. Our solutionizing process will always place the needs of the Client first, taking into account the Client's requests, business goals, operating environment and finite budget.

We simply do not want to become a third-party-product-distribution/reseller because we believe that it would invariably make us more likely to try to fit a product into a "solution" proposal for customers, as opposed to recommending a solution that does not involve any product being carried. We believe that it is basic human nature that there will always be an unspoken urge to push a product which a company carries as part of its business.

We treat our Employees with dignity, understanding and trust. They are right up there with our Clients because, in our founders' experience, a happy and committed Employee is an Employee who will serve the Client and Employer well.

Our Logo And Colors

An organization's logo and colors, and the reasons for why they are chosen, often reflect upon the character and focus of the business.

If an organization is unable to even explain what its logo and colors symbolize, then one has to wonder if that organization truly believes in the values it espouses or its business focus.

Our logo is specially designed to represent how IT-Security should be approached and the modern environment that all companies operate in.

The simple white font used by the 'Think' portion conveys the need for clarity and purity of thought.
Before one can achieve an objective, one must first know what that objective is. One needs to think about what is the business goal, what are the assets, what is the acceptable level of risk and so on. Therefore, we at ThinkSECURE are purely focused on IT-Security and our thoughts are always geared towards what is the Client's objective and how to achieve it.

The capitalized, serious red font used by the 'SECURE' portion speaks of the importance of IT-Security implementation in stopping threats from damaging your organizational assets.
Security is all about mitigating risk. The idea of "perfect 100% security" though laudable is an virtually impossible in the real world of human beings, budget and politics. Practicality is the order of the day and practical IT-Security is what we deal in. Your asset value, operational environment and risk appetite will determine the type of IT-Security recommendation implementation but nothing can change the importance of "doing-it-right".

The black background, over which the words 'ThinkSECURE' are superimposed, reflects the murky and unpredictable nature of the modern environment all organizations operate in today, where threats to the body corporate operate from the shadows in many forms, both known and as yet unknown.

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