Air Raid: (noun) An attack by military aircraft, especially when armed with bombs and rockets; an attack by armed planes on a ground or surface target.

Air Raid: (security) Penetration of organizational and personal wireless airspace, and subsequently wired networks and application targets by attackers with malicious intent.

Tournament Date, Time & Venue

20 OCTOBER 2010
0900hrs - 1700hrs (GMT+8)

Singapore Polytechnic
School of Digital Media and Infocomm Technology, Ground Floor
500 Dover Road
Singapore 139651

Tournament Description

Wireless networks using 802.11 and Bluetooth have become common deployments in today’s corporate environments. Add to that the wired infrastructure backend that such networks are often interconnected with and the servers housing various web-based and client/server applications and you have a lot of tempting targets for an attacker to go after.

To underscore the importance of securing these various wireless, wired and web/client-server application technologies in today's modern organizations, ThinkSECURE is pleased to announce the third edition of our original and hugely successful AIRRAID IT-security tournament series. The original AIRRAID was held in 2005 in Singapore and AIRRAID2 was a big hit in Bangkok in 2008.

Introducing: AIRRAID3 !

For those unfamiliar with our IT-security tournament format, we don't follow the standard "war-driving-how-many-APs-can-you-find-in-5-hrs" or Capture-The-Flag" type formats that other similar tournaments typically run.
Now in its third iteration, our AIRRAID format has evolved from a pure wireless-security-focused event into a FULL-BLOWN STORYLINE-BASED INTEGRATED WIRELESS, WIRED & APPLICATION SECURITY tournament setup where teams of contenders and pretenders test their skills against a PURPOSE-BUILT, MULTI-SEGMENT, ENTERPRISE-CLASS, WIRELESS + WIRED NETWORK AND WEB/APPLICATION SERVER INFRASTRUCTURE, the type of infrastructure just like you will find in real-world organizations!

Judges will score the teams on the basis of time and difficulty. The faster they can conduct a successful penetration against this target infrastructure, the more points they score. If they can breach the perimeter, they face other tough challenges in trying to break into various distributed systems to retrieve information.
Participants will be required to think-outside-the-box in order to successfully accomplish their mission.
And to ramp up the excitement factor, we've also provided numerous side objectives that we call "Kamikazes" plus even-better integrated wireless, wired & web gameplay!

AIRRAID3 is THE showcase event for practical wired, wireless and web/application security!

Participant Requirements

Participants need to bring their own hardware (e.g. laptops, wireless cards, bluetooth dongles, antennae, CAT5 cables, etc) and software.

What hardware/software should you bring?
That's your call but this IS a fully-integrated wired/wireless/application IT-security tournament so if you're not sure what you'll encounter, the safe bet is to BRING EVERYTHING AND THE KITCHEN SINK !

(note: you must ensure that all the software you use must conform to the proper and legal licensing requirements set forth by the owners of the software you use, whether it be GPL, commercial or other form of legitimate licensing.)

There will be a mandatory short pre-event rules briefing session for all registered participants the day before the tournament. Participants will also be required to go through the typical formalities, e.g. fill in a standard indemnity/liability-waiver form absolving the organizers of any liability from any damage that may occur to participant's equipment or resulting from participant's actions.

Participant Eligibility

This tournament is open to anyone willing to make the trip to Singapore for the event on 20 October 2010 and the pre-event briefing on 19 October 2010 (both held at Singapore Polytechnic).

While there is no fee charged for participating in the event, participants will need to cover their own transport, accommodation and meal expenses. There will be no reimbursement of any kind of expenses by the event organizers.


What? You mean the bragging rights you get from coming in tops and whupping everyone else aren't enough for you ??

Oh well, how about this then:

The top 3 highest-scoring teams at the end of the tournament will win most-excellent prizes which have been kindly sponsored by D-Link and DragonVenture Singapore, which are as follows:

1st Place Team :

  • Dlink DIR-825 Xtreme-N Duo Band Gigabit Router and DNS-323 Network Storage Enclosure (one each for each officially registered team member).

  • USD 4000 total cash prize, courtesy of DragonVenture.

2nd Place Team :
  • Dlink DIR-685 Extreme-N Storage Router (one each for each officially registered team member).

  • USD 1500 total cash prize, courtesy of DragonVenture.

3rd Place Team :
  • Dlink DIR-655 Xtreme-N Gigabit Router (one each for each officially registered team member).

  • USD 500 total cash prize, courtesy of DragonVenture.


Team registration is FREE!
Just gather your friends or colleagues, come up with a team name, accept the tournament T&Cs and register here! (min of 1 person per team, max 4 pax per team)

Register Your Team Here

Registration starts: 1 JULY 2010 @ 0000hrs GMT+8

Registration ends: 17 OCTOBER 2010 @ 2359hrs GMT+8

After receiving your registration, we will contact you by email with further instructions regarding the event. Registrants should not make any travel or accommodation arrangements until they have received and read the official email containing the further directions and instructions. Please ensure you submit a valid email address and contact number!

If there are no more seats left or if you cannot register in time, all is not lost - you will be placed on a waitlist and can still turn up on the day itself just in case any team fails to arrive in time. Any teams which do not send at least one representative for the pre-event briefing session will also lose their places.

Getting There

1. Take the East-West MRT line to Dover MRT Station.
(or take a taxi-cab and tell the driver to go to Singapore Polytechnic along Dover Road, Gate 3 and direct him to go up the hill after gate 3 to reach building T19/T20 where the event will be held)

2. Take the escalators down to ground level and walk along the covered walkway next to the main road (you will pass by a taxi-stand).

3. After about 50 meters, there will be another campus entrance gate.

4. Go through this gate and follow the covered walkway up the slope to reach building T19/T20.

5. When you reach T19/T20, look for signage pointing towards the "HangOut" event hall.

The following route display will give you an idea of what the above steps are referring to :

The nearest hotels to Singapore Polytechnic are:

Fragrance Ocean View Hotel

Santa Grand Hotel West Coast

Fragrance Waterfront Hotel

If you stay at these hotels, you will have to take a taxi to get to Singapore Polytechnic as there is no MRT station nearby.

The taxi will have to enter via Gate 3 along Dover Road and go up the hill to the Singapore Polytechnic's School of Digital Media and Infocomm Technology building T19 / T20.

You will need to take a taxi from Changi Airport to get to these hotels via the ECP and West Coast Highway and the taxi should cost roughly SGD25 - SGD30 one way.

If you would like to stay at a hotel along the East-West MRT line and take the MRT to the Dover MRT station which is connected to the main entrance of the Singapore Polytechnic, then you can choose the Swissotel The Stamford hotel instead. This hotel is located right above the City Hall MRT station and will take you around 30-to-40 minutes from the City Hall MRT station to the Dover MRT station. It is also convenient to get to the airport because the MRT will take you to Changi Airport directly.

"Your Space Isn’t Private Anymore."

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